Media is the biggest part of every retailer’s marketing budget and once those dollars are spent, they can’t be unspent. We take care to make sure every dollar is spent wisely and with purpose.

Few companies have as big a media budget as they’d really like. And many need to drive customers across multiple markets, both large and small. Retail seasonality and/or competitor pressures can create make-or-break urgency for growing sales.

These are the challenges we’re built for. The Charlton Marketing team brings critical thinking, ingenuity, and solid craft to the media planning process, with a suite of specialized research tools and software to define your best path to success.

We also can help sharpen your goals and measurables to set you up from the very beginning to win.

The Retail-Level Negotiating Power You Need To Make Sure Every Dollar Counts

We place millions of dollars in media annually. That gives us real purchasing power when it comes to getting you the best rates, positions, reach, frequency and more. And our team of media experts makes sure your campaign is executed flawlessly, monitoring and managing every step of the way, whether you’re driving traffic to one location, or many.

We have the tools, relationships, structure – and diligence – to turn brilliant plans into abundant fruition.

Analysis That’s Based Not Just On Data, But On Intelligence That’s Actionable

Data is nothing unless it’s interpreted and turned into an actionable plan. We scrub through campaign analytics to identify exactly what to build upon for your next campaign.

We arm you with the intelligence to make smart marketing decisions, because the need to drive customers never ends. The only question is: “What’s possible?”