Creating A Marketing Advantage

Sometimes just finding that two of our clients have similar needs is the genesis for a marketing advantage. Take California Closets & West Side Electric. They both wanted to use television and both wanted to reach essentially the same target audience. So, we produced a 15 second ad for each of them & married the ads into a 30-second ad. California Closets buys a schedule on one of the network stations and West Side Electric buys a schedule of about equal value on a series of cable shows that deal with design, remodeling, upgrading houses, etc. In both cases each of our clients has a schedule of 15-second ads running back to back with the other. The cost is less than buying 15’s by themselves and both clients are happy.

We have, in the past, traded space on the back of a direct mail piece for media time. The media gets to have print exposure and our client receives media at no cash cost. Again, both of them are happy.

These are both low tech solutions to client problem/opportunities. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Sometimes we produce very edgy stuff…but only when it is called for.