The Client

Roth’s Fresh Markets is a 9-unit Pacific Northwest grocery brand with a focus on best-in-class perishables. They prioritize sourcing locally grown and organic produce whenever possible, catering to the preferences of their health-conscious consumers. 

The Challenge

Though their primary focus is on high-quality, fresh produce and other perishable goods, as well as exceptional customer service, Roth’s has also embraced technology and wanted to support the launch of Instacart at their locations. Their goal was to provide a new convenience to current shoppers while attracting new conversions by driving incremental traffic to Instacart. 

The Solution

Charlton helped Roth’s identify the most fruitful audience of current customers as well as those likely to convert. Our experience in developing cost-effective media plans guided the development of geo- and keyword-targeted paid search (Google, Bing) and paid social (Meta, Pinterest) campaigns with the express purpose of driving shoppers to Roth’s Instacart order page. 

The Results

  • 1.9 million impressions served 
  • 4,100 conversions
  • $18,000+ of incremental sales, monthly