H.E.L.P. the Charity needed a landing place for potential donors and grant applicants to learn more about H.E.L.P. and their education initiatives. Charlton Marketing developed an eye catching website to support H.E.L.P. in providing kids with a better education.


The Client

H.E.L.P. the Charity is an award-winning community and education initiative that exists to support learning through grants and fundraisers in local communities. Through its grant program, H.E.L.P. provides resources to U.S. based non-profit tax-exempt schools and other entities to support educational programs. H.E.L.P. was established through the owners and franchisees of Figaro’s Italian Pizza who strongly believe in community involvement and serve that mission by supporting educational organizations as they work to secure the brightest possible future for children.

The Challenge

H.E.L.P. offers a wide range of grants for education programs and wanted to elevate their grant application and donor experience. Charlton Marketing stepped in to design a website that communicated H.E.L.P.’s important mission and make the grant application process easy.

The Solution

Charlton Marketing worked with the H.E.L.P. the Charity team to coordinate the design, copy, and launch of the website. The idea was to draw from the existing logo and create a fun and aesthetically pleasing website to communicate H.E.L.P.’s mission and partnership with Figaro’s Italian Pizza.

In addition to web design services, Charlton Marketing provided the brand development and research for H.E.L.P. the Charity.

Services provided included:

  • Research and Goal Setting
  • Situational Analysis and Branding Blueprint
  • Website Design and Development
    • Page Framework Creation
  • SEO and Development
  • Testing
    • Prototype site launched for testing by project managers
  • Site launch onto new hosting platform

The Results

The project resulted in a solid platform for stakeholders to learn about H.E.L.P. and how they can get involved right where they live. It also jump started donation campaigns to lead donors to the website and encourage donations.