A regional craft retailer with 8 locations needed to increase guest traffic during its busiest season. A lack of existing media presence meant an uphill battle against national chains with greater top-of-mind awareness. Using Native Bank Advertising, Charlton Marketing delivered a 9:1 return on ad spend and more than $245,000 in incremental sales.


The Client

Craft Warehouse is a regional craft store serving eight locations in Oregon, Washington, and Utah. The retailer appeals to crafters of all levels with a project-focused experience, choosing not to compete with big-box competitors’ deep-discount pricing strategy.

The Challenge

Help Craft Warehouse gain market share quickly, with out compromising product margins or brand DNA.

The Solution

Launch a Native Bank Advertising campaign to create consumer trial and increase share of wallet with current customers.


– 45-Day Campaign


Three groups were targeted:

Frequent = 3 or more trips in the last 12 months
Infrequent = 1-2 trips in the last 12 months
New= 0 trips in the last 12 months, but spent in the craft category

All three customer groups spent with a competitor in the craft category within the year prior to the start of the campaign.

The Results

  • 9:1 ROI
  • $245,000+ in revenue
  • 7,500 total trips
  • 1,500 trips
  • $49,000 in revenue
  • Generated 250+ trips in 45 days post campaign, with an additional $11,200 in revenue
  • $195,000+ in revenue
  • Spent 90% more during the campaign
  • Visited 93% more frequently during the campaign

“To be honest, I was skeptical of the Native Bank program going in. We didn’t know what it was or how it worked, which was a little scary. The Charlton Marketing team did a great job of explaining everything, listening to our concerns, and managing the entire process. It ended up being a huge success, and we’re still seeing returns.”