Sara Thomas

Charlton-Marketing-Portland-Team-Sara-ThomasAccount Supervisor

Sara is a skilled account manager with more than ten years of experience seeing projects through from inception to completion. She holds a BA in Advertising and Public Relations from Youngstown State University in Ohio.

Precise attention to detail and a penchant for strong, clear communication make Sara the perfect match for our agency’s largest co-op client group. She ensures that deadlines are met, questions are answered, budgets are kept, and all parties are in the loop—all while making certain that the strategy is sound. A proponent of “walking the walk,” she loves exceeding client expectations, and always strives to maintain a positive outlook when things get hectic.

Outside the office, Sara enjoys hiking, writing, playing pub trivia, rocking the karaoke booth (a little Billy Idol, anyone?), and cheering on the Cleveland Browns during football season—no matter how mad they make her.