Rob Charlton

Rob Charlton Marketing President PortlandPresident/Account Supervisor
Rob has more than 30 years of experience in the advertising profession, holding marketing positions in banking, grocery and home improvement industries before entering the agency business.

Formally trained with a degree in graphic design, he is also a published writer and possesses an in-depth understanding of marketing and consumer motivation. Rob has a wealth of experience with a variety of strategic marketing concepts in literally dozens of industry categories. He produced the first computer animated television commercial in Portland, created Portland’s first Mud Volleyball tournament for charity, and has helped dozens of businesses organize and focus their marketing efforts resulting in successful sales and growth. His combined strengths in account management and creative have earned him a number of awards in both the print and broadcast mediums.

Rob was President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oregon Executives Association, Chairman of the Marketing Committee of PBA’s Small Business Association, PBA’s representative on Portland’s Prosperity Implementation Team, and on the Board of Directors of Oregon Epilepsy Association. He is also a member of the Portland Advertising Federation and American Marketing Association.