Karen Bedolla

Charlton-Marketing-Portland-Team-Karen-BedollaBusiness Manager
The old adage, “The job isn’t done ‘til the paperwork is complete” is especially true in the advertising business. We are accountable for our clients’ budgets, and Karen sees to it that our accounting is not only complete, but easily understood. A stickler for detail and accuracy, Karen also consistently meets client requirements for timely invoicing and coop documentation when required.

As Office Manager, she wears a variety of hats and keeps all the pieces running smoothly. In every office there is one person to whom everyone looks for help with all the obscure and unexpected operational challenges that arise. At Charlton Marketing, that person is Karen.

After obtaining her MBA in California, she moved to Portland which she loves even more than Tahoe. In her off time, she is an avid cruciverbalist and scrabble addict, who also finds time to garden and attend every Timbers game!