One simple copy writing strategy that will deliver better customers

Identify your “platinum customer” and speak to that audience. Don’t worry about the rest.

Most business people try to cast as wide a net as possible when creating ads. This is perfectly understandable and at first glance feels logical. But, concentrating your message on your highest value customer doesn’t mean you are leaving everyone else out. What it does mean is that you are increasing the odds of attracting more of the customers that benefit your business most. Those who don’t quite fit into your “platinum” category will still hear the message, will understand what you are saying and will still become customers. And, when it’s all said and done, you will probably increase the value of your overall customer base.

Create a profile of your “platinum customer” defined by the following:

  • Annual sales volume
  • Frequency of transaction
  • Ease of service
  • Annual value
  • Lifetime value

Even if you don’t have a single customer who currently fits your ideal description, this exercise will help you gain clarity and move you toward an overall higher quality customer base.

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