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Keywords or Phrases: What’s Best for Paid Search?

Although I have seen some exceptions, generally speaking, using a phrase (also referred to as long tail keywords) is better than choosing individual keywords in a search campaign. I like to use the phrase “Hawaii Family Vacation” as an example. To begin with, if this is what you are selling, then it’s a precise description […]

One simple copy writing strategy that will deliver better customers

Identify your “platinum customer” and speak to that audience. Don’t worry about the rest. Most business people try to cast as wide a net as possible when creating ads. This is perfectly understandable and at first glance feels logical. But, concentrating your message on your highest value customer doesn’t mean you are leaving everyone else […]

The First Rule of Advertising: It’s about Them. Not you.

It’s about them. Not you. The concept is simple enough. But, as a business person, this is without a doubt, one of the hardest things for you to get past. You spend your days and nights thinking and living your business. You work hard to create something of value to a customer, and you want […]