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One simple copy writing strategy that will deliver better customers

Identify your “platinum customer” and speak to that audience. Don’t worry about the rest. Most business people try to cast as wide a net as possible when creating ads. This is perfectly understandable and at first glance feels logical. But, concentrating your message on your highest value customer doesn’t mean you are leaving everyone else […]

The First Rule of Advertising: It’s about Them. Not you.

It’s about them. Not you. The concept is simple enough. But, as a business person, this is without a doubt, one of the hardest things for you to get past. You spend your days and nights thinking and living your business. You work hard to create something of value to a customer, and you want […]

Brainstorming Rules

Brainstorming is a great way in the creative process to break through mental barriers to discover creative ways of solving problems and reaching objectives. Throughout my career in advertising I’ve witnessed wonderfully productive sessions as well as complete flops. In every case, when a handful of rules were applied, the results were remarkably better. It is also […]

Truth is the Most Powerful Advertising Tool

ruth is the most powerful marketing tool in your bag. I don’t mean truth in advertising, as in not making false claims and being ethical in your communication practices. That’s an obvious given to anyone with an ounce of common sense. I’m talking about being transparently honest with your audience with regard to who you […]

How to Write an Advertising Headline

When you write a headline for your ad, make sure it’s so clear that someone who has never heard of you or your product will understand it. Follow this rule and your ads will perform better every time. One of the most common mistakes made by advertisers is coming up with some clever headline that […]

30 Things to Never Say in your Advertising

You’ve got your marketing plan worked out. Your budget is more than you would like, but you’re willing to commit to it. You’ve decided what media you are going to use, and you’re pretty proud of the deal you were able to negotiate. You’ve got your offer or message worked out. All that’s left to […]