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Ad agency lies: who listens and why

In the advertising agency business, one of the most difficult things to do is acquire new clients without lying. This is because when two or more agencies are presenting to the same client, it is often the one that makes the biggest promises that wins the business. Most ad agencies stay within the ethical boundaries […]

International Ad Placement: What Can Go Wrong.

International advertising isn’t something we get to do very often. So, when we were given the job of placing an ad in an Israeli newspaper by Figaro’s Italian Pizza, we were anxious to do it. We had never done business in Israel before and we love doing something new. And really, how hard could this be? Well, […]

Do You Hate Advertising Agencies?

There have been a number of occasions where I’ve met with business owners and managers who state flatly that they don’t like ad agencies and don’t think they can add any value to their marketing efforts. It’s always left me somewhat speechless, because these people have formed strongly held opinions that were shaped by some […]

Does Advertising During a Recession Really Pay Off?

Most savvy business owners and managers know that the best marketing strategy during a recession is to advertise as aggressively as possible. But, just in case you need some reinforcement to support that truism, consider the following information. The first study conducted to measure the effectiveness of marketing during a recession was conducted by Rolland […]

Advertising Strategies for a Recession

There have been many studies over time that have proven that advertising during a recession results in better sales during the recession and more explosive growth after it’s over. In fact, most business people whom I’ve met know and understand this principle quite well. But, many continue to advertise using the same strategies they were […]

Bringing them together

Sometimes just finding that two of our clients have similar needs is the genesis for a marketing advantage. Take California Closets & West Side Electric. They both wanted to use television and both wanted to reach essentially the same target audience. So, we produced a 15 second ad for each of them & married the […]