Does Advertising During a Recession Really Pay Off?

Most savvy business owners and managers know that the best marketing strategy during a recession is to advertise as aggressively as possible. But, just in case you need some reinforcement to support that truism, consider the following information. The first study conducted to measure the effectiveness of marketing during a recession was conducted by Rolland […]

Television and radio are not dead yet

I just read a short article entitled “Agencies Need to Think More Facebook, Twitter, Less TV.” While my methodical, logical tendency is tugging at me to study the comparison between social marketing and traditional broadcast, then present a studied article with all kinds of facts and figures, I’m caving to impulse. Going with my gut, […]

Guerrilla Marketing: step one

Successful marketing in a recession often relies more on hard work and wits than a big advertising budget. You can build sales, despite the recession, if you start by paying attention to the people most likely to shop at your store. And, for many businesses, those people are the ones who live within a mile […]

Advertising Strategies for a Recession

There have been many studies over time that have proven that advertising during a recession results in better sales during the recession and more explosive growth after it’s over. In fact, most business people whom I’ve met know and understand this principle quite well. But, many continue to advertise using the same strategies they were […]

Increasing sales in a recession

It’s true that some business categories and products actually experience an increase in sales during a recession. Those products usually represent a lower cost alternative to an otherwise routine buying decision. Some examples include beer as opposed to wine and spirits, fast food as opposed to sit down dining and second hand store sales as […]

New Web Site for Filter Technology Ltd. Completed

We knew industrial air filtration would be a challenge, but we didn’t know how big. After a number of obstacles on the client’s part that could not be anticipated, we were recently able to complete an altogether new web site for Filter Technology Ltd. My hat goes off to Bob Hood, who was blindsided with […]

Economists optimistic as spending rises

The Oregonian ran an AP story this morning reporting that consumer spending has increased two months in a row in January and February despite falling incomes. This is after a “half year of declines”. The bad news is that the story was buried on page 7 of the Metro section, which is now page one […]

Bringing them together

Sometimes just finding that two of our clients have similar needs is the genesis for a marketing advantage. Take California Closets & West Side Electric. They both wanted to use television and both wanted to reach essentially the same target audience. So, we produced a 15 second ad for each of them & married the […]

MAX Results for your Marketing

Marketing goes big in Portland with the opportunity to advertise on TriMet’s MAX trains. With a recent campaign to introduce Washington-based LaborWorks to the Portland market, we decided to take advantage of TriMet’s MAX train advertising. By wrapping LaborWorks’ tag and logo on a MAX train—we were able to send the message around town—reaching a […]

Speak softly and carry a Big Brand.

T-minus 18 hours until IKEA opens in Portland and already hundreds of people have camped out and lined up. Amazing, isn’t it? But you knew this, because before one billboard went up, there was more buzz than a Super Bowl commercial. Why? The store will continue to be here Thursday morning and will continue to […]