About Us

The single most powerful marketing tool


We’re not talking about the basic obligation to avoid making untrue statements. That’s elementary.

We’re talking about recognizing what it is about your product that some people want and others may not. And, we’re talking about surprising your audience by admitting who you are not as well as who you are. Your customers are going to discover your reality soon enough, regardless of what you say. Beat them to the punch. Own your attributes and turn your weaknesses into support pillars for them. “We’re number two, so we try harder” is one of the all-time classics.

That goes for advertising agencies as well. So, let’s have a truthful look at our business.

  1. Generally, most ad agencies brag about the same things when talking about themselves. Just look at some websites or review their literature. It’s ironic that an industry that hangs its reputation on creativity is ultimately filled with companies all basically saying the same things about themselves.
  2. We may not be the right agency for you.
  3. Sometimes the best idea comes from the client.
  4. Everyone has weaknesses, including us and you.
  5. Somewhere in the truth lies the real reason you are in business, and why people buy your product.
  6. We are relentless in our pursuit of the truth.

Our Values

  1. In a business such as advertising, where the primary product is service and there is no finite method of predicting the results of the service, performing with integrity and honesty is the most important ingredient of doing business.
  2. If we concentrate on making decisions that are driven strictly with the client’s good as our motivation, we will be successful.
  3. All people with whom we come into contact deserve to be treated with respect.
  4. Truth is always the best policy, even when it is painful.
  5. We owe our clients, our vendors and ourselves the very best effort we can possibly make.
  6. We never stop learning or trying to improve.
  7. We, as a company and as individuals, have a right to expect to be treated with the same integrity and respect as we treat others.


    Our mission is to provide dramatically effective marketing solutions to our clients that are based upon the discovery of key truths about them, their products and their customers. We accomplish this by adhering to time proven marketing principals, having the courage and creativity to apply those principals in innovative ways and applying the “common sense” test in everything we do.